Huntington County Community Foundation | The Hotel LaFontaine Documentary Fund
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The Hotel LaFontaine Documentary Fund

Once one of the finest small-town hotels in the United States, the Hotel LaFontaine fell on hard times and closed in 1974. In the years to follow, a determined few led by Emmy Purviance saved the Hotel from the wrecking ball and completed an extensive renovation. Reopening in 1986, the Hotel is now home to the LaFontaine Center, a Retirement Housing Foundation (RHF) affiliate that provides housing and services for older adults, persons with disabilities, and low-income families.

With this documentary, the story of the Hotel LaFontaine will be forever remembered as an example of love for a community, dedication, and determination. Upon completion, the documentary will air on PBS Channel 39 and provide positive publicity for the Huntington community.

Below is a preview of the documentary.

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