Huntington County Community Foundation | Huntington Promise Community Fund
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Huntington Promise Community Fund

The Huntington County Promise is an initiative of comprehensive activities for youth and families to build hope for their future and create community college-going culture. The Promise is distinctly ‘Hoosier,’ owned by community leaders, crafted to align with the state’s aspirations, and rooted in localities’ particular understandings of what is required to set all of their children on a path to educational success.

The goals of The Promise are to leverage the entire community to make it easy for families to begin saving for post-secondary education, to incentivize savings behavior with community matching funds, and to build college-saver identity for youth by exposing them to college and careers in the classroom and on campus, including a “Walk Into My Future” celebration. Contextualizing 529 accounts, which may be foreign, in a familiar process (registering a child for school) helps families move to action.

The Promise helps reinforce parents’ expectations for children’s futures, fosters a community-wide culture and creates a saturation of savers. The Promise will realize success when all youth in Indiana have savings and champions from the community in their lives who support their dreams for the future.

The Promise adds value to the educational ecosystem by connecting teachers and families across the continuum and uniting the efforts and talents of diverse individuals and organizations to support college-going culture. The Promise connects the kindergarten teacher with the high school AP English teacher because now they’re all helping kids dream about their future in a very consistent way.

On September 29th, Huntington County kindergartners and first graders were able to visit Huntington University and see first hand how college can be a part of their future!

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