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Former Neighborhood Grocer Carl Repp Still Serving His Community

Created by an anonymous donor in the last months of 1997, the Carl Repp Scholarship is a living memorial to a man who served Huntington for many years as the operator of a neighborhood grocery store at the corner of Guilford and Division Streets. Carl’s father David started the family business in 1901 with Carl taking over after his father’s passing in 1942. The store was known for its customer service and having strong loyalty with its customers. Carl sold the business in 1961 ending a successful 60 year run that supported his family and the local community.

Carl passed away on June 15, 2004 at the age of 103. During his life, he was known for his generosity. In 2000, he helped provide around one-quarter of the start-up expenses for the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington County. His daughter, Carolyn Knapton, once said, “He felt Huntington had given him a good living and he wanted to pay back.” Following his passing, Carolyn and her brother, C. David Repp, were consulted by the Huntington Count Community Foundation for many years regarding the recipient of the Repp scholarship.

The annual scholarship is awarded to Huntington County residents attending Huntington University as full-time students who can show evidence of financial need and have obtained at least a GPA of 3.0 (“B” average) or higher.

Since 1998, the Carl Repp Scholarship has given over $23,500 in financial aid to local Huntington students. We congratulate Joni Bennett, Katherine Bennett, and Megan Clancy for being the 2017 class of Repp Scholars!

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Click here to read more about Carl Repp’s impact in Huntington.

Joni Bennett

Katherine Bennett

Megan (Karst) Clancy







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