Fund Options - Huntington County Community Foundation
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Fund Options

As a donor, a host of options are available to help you realize your philanthropic goals – and the future philanthropic goals of your family.  Your fund can be as general or as specific as you like. Whether you want to focus your contributions on a specific charity or would rather help several causes, the Foundation has a fund to meet your needs. You can name your fund after yourself, your spouse, a family member or a company. It’s even possible to give anonymously – the Foundation will simply act on your behalf.


Creating a fund is easy and representatives of the Foundation are available to guide you through every step of the process. The size of your fund, whether large or small, doesn’t matter. Below is a listing of fund options:

Community Impact

A community impact fund gives you the opportunity to provide support for general charitable purposes within Huntington County. The Foundation conducts semi-annual competitive grant cycles awarding grants based on merit and potential impact in our communities. These funds allow the Foundation to address current needs within Huntington County.


An operational fund is established to provide support for expenses incurred by the Foundation. By supplementing our expenses with an operational fund, we are able to grant out more dollars into our communities.


An agency fund is created when a charitable organization starts an endowment fund to provide support for their own exempt purposes. This is a great way to build organizational sustainability through the creation of current and future revenue streams.

Donor Advised

A donor advised fund allows you to remain an active part of the giving process. As a donor, you reserve the right to make grant recommendations to specific charitable organizations that have meaning for you. The flexibility of this fund allows you to vary charitable contributions from year to year, and encourages philanthropy of future generations. Your recommendations are advisory in nature and are still subject to the Foundation’s final jurisdiction.

Scholarship (Discretionary or Donor Advised)

A discretionary scholarship provides educational scholarships to individuals. The Foundation conducts an annual scholarship application process and the Foundation’s scholarship committee awards scholarships based on the criteria specified by you.

A donor advised scholarship simply gives you a level of involvement in the scholarship process. With an advised scholarship, you have the chance to review the scholarship applications and cast one vote on our scholarship committee.


A designated fund does exactly as it sounds: it allows you to designate fund support to whichever charity or charities that are meaningful to you. The Foundation conducts regular reviews of designated fund charities to assure that the resources are used as the donor intended.

Field of Interest

A field of interest fund is similar to a designated fund but the criterion is broader in that the fund provides support for a specified charitable purpose such as the arts or education. The Foundation will grant funds according to the fund’s specific interests.

Pass Through

Pass through funds are non-endowed funds that essentially “pass through” the Foundation. The entire principal of a pass through fund can be spent for qualifying charitable purposes. These funds can take on many forms such as discretionary, designated, field of interest, donor advised, scholarship, or agency.