HCCF Awards Pathfinder Services Kids Kampus $1,000 Kudo Grant
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HCCF Awards Kids Kampus $1,000 Kudo Grant

HCCF Awards Kids Kampus $1,000 Kudo Grant

The Huntington County Community Foundation (HCCF) awarded Pathfinder Services Kids Kampus with a $1,000 Kudo Grant at their annual Kids Kampus Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning. 1,117 people competed in this year’s event which raised over $20,000 to the benefit the children served by Pathfinder Kids Kampus.

HCCF Associate Executive Director, Matt Ditzler describes Kudo Grants as “a great way for HCCF board members to engage, support, and promote our local nonprofits and their fundraising efforts.” HCCF board members Nancy Breiner, David Daugherty, Rick DeLaney, Roger Dyson, Steve Eisenhut, Steve Kimmel, Marshall Sanders, Fred Scheiber, Greg Smitley and Seth Whicker each directed $100 towards the Kids Kampus Kudo Grant.

Since 1991, HCCF strives to match the issues and organizations you are passionate about with impactful solutions that improve the overall quality of life in Huntington County. With assets of over $15 million, HCCF represents a collection of legacies created by individuals, families, businesses, and organizations all for charitable purposes within our county. Annually, these legacies award over $400,000 to local nonprofits through grants and students through scholarships. For more information on how you can create your own legacy, call 260-356-8878 or visit huntingtonccf.org.

Pictured (from left) – Kids Kampus Interim Administrator and Early Head Start Director Elizabeth Hire, HCCF Board Member Fred Scheiber, Pathfinder Services President John Niederman, HCCF Associate Executive Director Matt Ditzler, Pathfinder Services Senior Director of Business Development Loretta Mottram

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