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HCCF Classroom Grant Encourages Prospective Engineers

In the fall of 2016, Crestview Middle School teachers Mary Beth Crider and Cheryl Simms were awarded a HCCF classroom education grant to purchase building supplies for a series of collaborative, hands-on engineering challenges.

Working as part of a team, students cultivated critical thinking skills through designing, testing, and modifying tower prototypes. As prototypes evolved so did the conversations among students. Students who were once reluctant to work in groups were now excited to share ideas and work together to come up with the best prototype. Pictured above, Crestview student Chase Petty can be seen testing his group’s tower prototype.

Towers were designed using straws that held a bucket 3 inches off of the ground. Weight was added until the bucket was 1 inch off the ground or the bucket could hold no more weight. Through this engineering challenge students learned that triangles are stronger than squares or circles and that bases needed to be larger than the apex.

Other challenges included racing balloon-powered cars and design chairs out of newspapers. Through these lessons, students learned the processes that scientists and engineers go through when designing new structures. Teacher Mary Beth Crider stated, “The students have come a long way in their thinking because of the use of the items from this grant.” HCCF was pleased to support these prospective young engineers!

Please encourage our local teachers to apply for our classroom education grants by filling out our online application found here.

In addition, the Foundation supports local classroom education projects because of people like you. Please consider giving to the Community Impact Fund today to support innovative projects in our local classrooms.

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