Making an Impact - Huntington County Community Foundation
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Making an Impact

By giving through your Community Foundation you are addressing the current and future needs of our communities. Gifts can help:

  • Further our early childhood literacy and educational development
  • Increase our ability to provide scholarships for the further education of our youth
  • Better our local workforce through the growth of adult educational resources and training
  • Enhance the care for our elderly and most vulnerable citizens
  • Support arts, beautification, and cultural projects throughout our communities
  • Improve our non-profit organizations through elevated funding opportunities

Along with many other worthy projects, these endeavors help our communities attract and retain families and businesses, providing a better quality of life for all of our citizens.

Ways to Give

The Foundation welcomes and values gifts of any size to help support ever increasing community needs and to improve the quality of life in Huntington County.  Many times there is a misconception that philanthropy is only for the very wealthy, when in reality nothing could be further from the truth. There are several ways to make a gift, each with its own set of distinct advantages. Gifts may be directed to agencies and organizations of the donor’s choice.

Gifts of Cash

A gift of cash is the simplest and most convenient way of contributing through the Foundation.  You may make a contribution of any size to any existing fund by writing a check to the Foundation.  Cash gifts, whether in honor or memory of a loved one or to meet personal charitable wishes, help the Foundation grow and expand its support of the community. Gifts may also be made to an agency endowment or to support a charitable organization close to your heart. The choice is yours.

Appreciated Property

A gift of appreciated stocks, bonds or real estate to the Foundation may provide important tax benefits. The donor will receive a charitable tax deduction for the full value determined on the date of the gift, subject to a percent of income limitation, and will avoid capital gains tax.


Gifts of cash or property through a Will are easily made and are free of estate taxes. The Foundation may be named as the residuary beneficiary of an estate.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

These trusts are arrangements between a donor, a trustee and the Foundation.  The donor transfers  cash, property or highly appreciated securities to the trust and can take an immediate income tax deduction. The donor retains the right to its income or specifies who is to receive the income and at what rate. After the death of the last income beneficiary, the Foundation receives the remaining assets to meet the donor’s wishes by supporting their charity or charities of choice.

Life Income Gifts

These gifts will provide the donor and/or a family member with an income for life. The donor also receives a charitable tax deduction, as determined by IRS regulations, and estate taxes are reduced. A Charitable Gift Annuity is an example of this type of gift. The remainder establishes the donor’s named charitable fund.

Life Insurance

A donor may name the Foundation as owner and beneficiary of a new or previously existing life insurance policy. The donor will receive a tax deduction based on the cost or cash value of the policy, whichever is less. Your continued premium payments on the policy are also tax deductible.