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Manes Scholarship Serves as a Living Memorial to a Dedicated USPS Employee

Kenneth Manes

Distinguishing himself as a man of dignity and compassion, Kenneth “Kenny” Manes served the Huntington community with duty, honor and pride during his 47 years of employment with the United States Postal Service. After his passing in 2009, his wife, Sally, son, Tony, and daughter, Julie, came together to establish the Kenneth W. Manes Memorial Scholarship to honor his belief that education is the means to bettering oneself.

In our Summer 2011 newsletter, we quoted Sally stating that, ” Kenny’s love of his job and the dedication, love and respect that he had for his employees made establishing this scholarship an easy decision for myself and my family. We felt that Kenny needed to be remembered for what he stood for as a loyal employee of the USPS.”

Kenny’s scholarship is offered to students connected to the USPS as an employee or child, grandchild, sibling or step-child of an employee in reverence for his love for his craft.

In addition, we felt it appropriate to share the following biography of Kenneth W. Manes provided by the Manes family:

“We are mothers and fathers. And sons and daughters. Who every day go about our lives with duty, honor and pride. And neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night will stay us from the swift completion of our appointed rounds.”

The motto of the USPS describes how Kenny Manes served his employer and lived his life.

Kenny began at the Post Office in 1955 as a substitute mail carrier. He was promoted to rural carrier and his dedication to his patrons was well-known. No matter the weather, Kenny, driving from the passenger seat as rural carriers do, always made sure the mail was delivered. Kenny believed in customer service and his good-heart made him a master of that art. Sometimes he would end up in a snow-covered ditch, only to be pulled out by one of his farmer patrons. At Christmas, his family was lucky enough to enjoy all of the goodies left in the mailbox for this respected man who delivered the mail!

Kenny then moved into management, turning around a struggling and uninspired Waynedale office through hard-work, determination and fairness. He was a leader who would roll-up his sleeves to make sure the job got done and the customer was served.

He returned to Huntington as Supervisor of Postal Operations dealing with the financial side of the operation. While this was new territory for Kenny, he tackled the job with all his mind and heart. He earned the respect of his employees for his dedication and willingness to adapt.

Due to his varied background and respect he had earned at each stop along the way, Kenny was promoted to Team Leader for a USPS Inspection Team that traveled Indiana evaluating and fixing underperforming operations. The only employees who were happy to see Kenny and his team during that time were those doing their jobs!

Kenny retired from the USPS in 2002 having distinguished himself as a man of dignity and compassion. He served his patrons, and the USPS, with duty, honor and pride. And neither now, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stayed the swift completion of his appointed rounds.

This scholarship is given in Kenny’s memory by his wife, Sally, son Tony and daughter Julie. His strength is missed.

We congratulate Amanda Kaiser for being the 2017 Manes Scholar!

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Kenny at his 2002 USPS retirement party

Amanda Kaiser

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