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Scheiber Family Endowment Awards 2017 Scholarships & Grants

Donald & Lou Rayne Scheiber

Created in 1997, the Donald E. & Lou Rayne Scheiber Catholic Education and Charity Fund accomplishes dual purposes. First, the fund promotes educational opportunities for Huntington County students who are members of one of three local Catholic Church parishes (Saint Joseph in Roanoke and Saint Mary and Saints Peter & Paul in Huntington). Second, the fund provides charitable grants to Catholic organizations who promote the accepted teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Annually, the Scheiber Endowment committee meets to evaluate applications and make scholarship and grant recommendations to HCCF. Donald & Lou Rayne’s son, Fred, carries on his mom and dad’s legacy by heading up the committee.

In 2017, Melanie Lisinicchia, Shafer Garrett, and Katie Hunt were announced as the recipients of the Donald E. and Lou Rayne Scheiber Catholic Education Scholarship. Lisinicchia will receive a scholarship worth $1,500 while Garrett and Hunt will both receive $1,250 scholarships.

Also awarded were Donald E. and Lou Rayne Scheiber Charity Grants to support Huntington Catholic School and the Bishop Luers High School’s Luers Night.

For more news and information regarding this endowment and other endowments held at HCCF, please explore and like us on Facebook at huntingtonccf.

Shafer Garrett

Melanie Lisinicchia

Katie Hunt

Bishop Luers High School

Huntington Catholic School

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