Shuman Family Awards Sixteen Scholars With $700 Each - Huntington County Community Foundation
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Shuman Family Awards Sixteen Scholars With $700 Each

Charles & Wilma (Sanger) Shuman were longtime Huntington County farmers, cultivating land in both Huntington and Wabash Counties. Their family farm in southwest Huntington County, pictured left, has been in the family since 1893, earning it the distinction of being named a Hoosier Homestead. Jim & Nancy (Shuman) Breiner reside nearby and continue the family farming tradition today. The Shumans and Breiners hold a strong value on the education of our youth.

In December of 2001 Charles & Wilma wanted to make a difference in Huntington County by establishing three permanent scholarship funds through HCCF. One of those funds, the Charles & Wilma (Sanger) Shuman Scholarship, has become the largest scholarship held at HCCF. Since the passing of Charles & Wilma, Nancy has assumed the role of overseeing the applications with our scholarship committee. Routinely, over 75 students will apply for the Shuman Scholarship with nearly 1 out of 5 applicants receiving some form of financial aid.

We congratulate Justin Beihold, Adam Bonner, Paige Coolman, Johnna Cummins, Katelynn Farley, Elizabeth Freck, Erica Freise, Sarah Fryman, Tyler Gates, Makayla Grizzle, Alyssa Hewson, Alexandra Jarrett, Stephanie McElhaney, Grace O’Brien-Jones, Lindsey Scher and Madison Waldfogel for being this year’s class of Shuman scholars!

For more news and information regarding this endowment and other endowments held at HCCF, please explore and like us on Facebook at huntingtonccf.

Justin Beihold

Adam Bonner

Paige Coolman

Johnna Cummins

Katelynn Farley

Elizabeth Freck

Erica Freise

Sarah Fryman

Tyler Gates

Makayla Grizzle

Alyssa Hewson

Alexandra Jarrett

Stephanie McElhaney

Grace O’Brien-Jones

Lindsey Scher

Madison Waldfogel

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