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Herb & Corinne Scheiber Memorial Community Fund


Kevin Posted by: Kevin 7 years ago

For thirty years, lifelong Huntington County residents Herb and Corinne Scheiber co-owned Custom Craft, a local trophy shop on LaFontaine St. in Huntington. Corinne loved socializing with all of their visitors while Herb entertained them with never-ending jokes and pranks. Known for its annual summer flower display and interior Christmas decorations, visitors to the shop rarely left without smiles on their faces.

After Herb passed away in December of 2014 & Corinne in July of 2015, the Scheiber family came to the Community Foundation looking for a way to continue the charitable nature of their parents. Using memorial donations from family and community members, the Scheiber family created the Herb & Corinne Scheiber Memorial Community Fund which now provides over $2,000 annually to nonprofit organizations serving Huntington County. With this permanent endowment, it is safe to say Herb and Corinne will always be in the business of creating smiles.

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