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Community Accessibility Fund Emerges from Pathfinder Foundation


Janet Branham Posted by: Janet Branham 1 year ago

For years the Pathfinder Foundation has sought to bring inclusion and support to Huntington County and Northeast Indiana. However, a careful reevaluation of existing programs and a reshaping of the future path led the Pathfinder Foundation board to dissolve as of December 31, 2022.

The decision was difficult, but the board felt its mission could be better carried on by the Community Foundation of Huntington County and voted to establish the Community Accessibility Fund at the Community Foundation of Huntington County with $500,000 from the Pathfinder Foundation. The Community Accessibility Fund will help our community become more inclusive of all people by funding solutions to accessibility barriers. Funding is available to individuals, families, and businesses to take ownership of the physical barriers in buildings and infrastructure that prevent people with disabilities from fully accessing the use and benefits afforded to all. Accessibility needs must be considered from an individual and community perspective to make the changes necessary to be a welcoming community for all.

“We are honored to partner with the Pathfinder Foundation and keep their 40-year legacy of giving alive in our community,“ said Matt Ditzler, Executive Director of the Community Foundation. “Stay tuned as we roll out a new application process for the Community Accessibility Fund in 2023!”