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Kudos Grants Get An Upgrade


Janet Branham Posted by: Janet Branham 1 year ago

KudosFor years, Community Foundation board members have had to opportunity to surprise non-profits serving Huntington County with Kudos Grants.  The Kudos Grant program was established years ago to give recognition, and a financial gift, to agencies that Community Foundation board members recognize as offering outstanding services to Huntington County residents.  Organizations cannot apply for Kudos Grants. They are solely awarded at the discretion of Board Members, with members having two Kudos Grants to award each year. Efforts are made to highlight organizations in conjunction with their fundraising efforts.   Last year 28 Kudos Grants were awarded to organizations serving Huntington County.  In the past, the grant amount was $100. Beginning in 2023, the grant amount will be $250. Follow us on Facebook to see who this year’s recipients will be!